Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sony VAIO hunt

semalam kudozu ada kasi aku link ke game VAIO hunt contest ni. kau kene jawab a few questions, dan kene dapat passport untuk jawab soalan batu. dan kalau dapat jawab semua (kot) kita akan stand a chance utk menang 1 VAIO CR. since aku ni sucker kepada barang-barang Sony, dan sucker jugak kepada barang free. aku pon join la. jadi, aku post link tu kat sini dengan harapan dapat passport untuk dapat soalan baru.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Logical Fallacy

tadi aku tengok nightline. pak lah diinterview pasal ada dakwaan yang wujudnya konspirasi terhadap DSAI. "Tak ada konspirasi. Tak usah percaya" (aku pun tak ingat sangat ayat die exactly, tapi ni lebey kureng la ape pak lah ckp) bengong.. orang tuduh kau yg buat konspirasi. sah-sah la kau cakap takde konspirasi. takde bukti nak menyangkal, takde statement yang meyakinkan, cuma kata takde konspirasi. hmmm... well, that reminds me of a very interesting topic of Logical Fallacy. aku curik desciption ni dari Conservapedia. all credit kepada penulis dia.

"A logical fallacy is an error in logical reasoning. While the common usage of the word fallacy would include any error in reasoning, in logic a fallacy is defined at a particularly deceptive argument which seems correct, but upon further examination is found to be incorrect.

A logical fallacy is not the same as lying. A lie in logic is a premise that one offers while knowing that it is false."

dan statement pak lah seperti yang di atas tu termasuk dalam kategori

Proof by assertion

"Proof by assertion is an argument that states something as true without offering supporting evidence or attempting to construct a valid argument. This form of argument follows the form:

Mr A claims that P is true. Therefore P is true

Often the argument is simply repeated over and over, and no evidence for support is given."

translationnya ialah, if you spew enough bullshit over and over again, people will start believing your bullshit. very interesting.. siap ada lagi sub-category lagi macam "Circular reasoning", "Infinite regression", "Manufacturing facts from a theory", "Your theory does not work under my theory, so your theory must be wrong" . waaaa... sangat menarik. every single day is a new discovery..

oh, and pak lah tanpa segan silu menunjukkan kejahilannya. ada reporter tny, knp xpakai sample DNA DSAI yang dulu tu, ms zaman die kene tuduh liwat kali pertama dulu. pak lah ckp, tu sample lama, kena la ambik sample yang baru.

haaaaaaa?!! hellooo! it's DNA okay, bukan sample air kencing. kalau sample air kencing mungkin la bole berubah2 seperti pasir di pantai. ni DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid. blueprint genetik yang unik bg setiap individu. benda yang xkan berubah dr saat seseorang tu lahir sampai die mati. genetic instruction yang digunakan untuk buat klon. ape la bezanye sample DNA DSAI dulu dgn sekarang? lucu sungguh la pak lah ni. bole masuk raja lawak lepas ni. kan dulu dah analyze DNA sample tu, pakai je la result yang dulu tu, jadikan evidence.

aku ada 2 teori dalam hal ni. samada sample yang dulu tu dah kena tukar, dan dia nak sample betul sekarang. ataupun sample yang dulu betul, tapi dia nak sample DNA sekarang sebab dia nak tukar. hmmm.. conspiracy theory la pulak. tapi in any case, something smells fishy..

Monday, June 30, 2008

Poem Untuk Kengkawan

hmmm.. hari ni aku tetiba teringat kat ramai kengkawan aku yang aku dah lupe. kengkawan yang aku dulu main sama2, seronok sama2, sedih sama2. kengkawan aku yang jauh, kengkawan aku yang dah tak tau kat mana, kengkawan aku yang dah meninggal. aku pon tetiba rs sedih pulak. hmm.. pastu aku teringat pulak kat kengkawan skrg. kengkawan yg aku br jumpe, kengkawan yang dh lama kenal. kengkawan satu sekolah, kengkawan satu universiti, kengkawan satu ofis. ni poem untuk kengkawan


I’m still here waiting for a door that never opens,
Waiting for the light that never shines,
Deserted, forgotten, forsaken, and alone,
Beneath grey skies I shivered alone.

As the yellow sun gives way to the blue moon,
I count the days that has pass me by,
With every second, the hourglass trickled away,
Petals of forgotten memories lined up my trails.

But if it turn around and trace my footsteps,
They will bloom and sparkle as thoughts visits them,
I will pluck them and frame it on my heart,
To keep it warm and keep me company.

Old friends’ face that I will never see again,
Their beautiful smiles brought tears in my eyes,
How I wish for those days long gone,
So we can have one last drink together again.

I’m still around, stagnant, as my words kept true,
On this mock throne you can find me still,
The flush Eden that I once crave and adore,
Are now but empty ruins snaring on my heels.

Long after time forsakes me,
Long after my name is forgotten,
Long after the sun stops shining,
I will still be here..

Friday, June 27, 2008

Renungan diriku

"what the f##k have you done with your life lately?"

ni la ayat terakhir cerita Wanted yang aku tengok malam tadi. huuuu... feels like i got kicked in the balls, man. i mean, what HAVE i done with my life lately? this guy, Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) was the epitome of the word loser. and all he has was a shitty job with a bloated up boss who finds pleasure in pissing his staffs off, a cheating girlfriend, and a best friend that's screwing with his cheating girlfriend, and living with his girlfriend in a patethic apartment. if i was him, i'd shoot myself. and after a few days(i think) he's kickass assassin, blowing people's head off like watermelons, bend bullet trajectory, and can flip his car like a skateboard. that is so freaking cool. hmm.. but the old wesley wasn't much different than me in a way. doing my 9-5, go home, watch tv, sleep, and repeat that same cycle day in and day out. i wish there's more to life than.. than this. it's starting to wear me off. i'm tired. i want to do something more, something better, and not (just) in term of money either. i'm not saying i want to be an assassin. i want to do something that i really love. something that will give me satisfaction in doing it, and not just doing it for the sake of surviving the month. sigh.. well, back to the movie review. the movie was excellent. action-wise, it is top notch. with a lot of impossible stunts, crazy car chases and a LOT of shooting scenes. any action movie junkie will appreciate this. graphic wise, it's very good with a lot of emphasis went into the bullets. how they travel, the trajectory, the design of the bullet, how the bullet's mechanism (you'd be surprised) worked. and the weapons are all oh-so-sweet. story wise, it has a good plot, with a twist that is predictable, but still working nonetheless. and the message that the story wants to potray is grow some balls, be all you can, and don't get stuck in the mediocrity. go watch it guys, it's really awesome. i'd give it 5 stars out of 5.

and yesterday night after i finished watching Wanted, i went to a student's (and a good friend of mine) place of mine, to teach. he was one of my best students when he started class more than a year ago. every week that we had class is a pleasure for me, looking at him improving more and more each week. nailing down grooves and fills easily. he can learn new thing pretty quickly and i can see the amount of effort that went into his training really paid off. i can see the drive and passion for drumming in him then. but nowadays, he has been too busy with other things, with his life. with his work, his clients, his phD, his son, his new girlfriend (he's umm.... not young, and a devorcee. so you guys can understand right?). he said he hasn't got time for himself anymore. he just got a 50"(i think) plasma tv sitting in his living room, and a new HD-DVD player too, but he never got to enjoy those things because he's rarely home, and even if he's home he always have things to do. he has his own business, and business has been really good for him lately. he said currently, his revenue per month is the highest ever. but drumming wise, he hasn't been progressing like before. and for the last 2 months, he has been stuck at the same page of the lesson book. hmm... he still can't play his hi-hat foot properly. and his co-ordination and dynamics has really deteriorated. it has been frustrating for me as to him. but i think he's more frustrated because he said he still love drumming. he hasn't even touched his guitars for at least a couple of months (i can tell, they've been collecting dust on their guitar stands) so that he can focus on drums. but he just can't find the time to practice. so without practice, there's nothing much that i can teach him. because since he has a lot of things to do and think about nowadays, drums has started to go down on his priority list. it's really sad to see that even though he love drumming, he just can't afford do it anymore. i even asked him to consider quitting the class, but he said he has gone too far to stop now. so we've agreed that he have to find his drive again, his enthusiasm for drumming, before we can continue the lesson. and even after that, he still have to find time to practice. i hope he can find that spark again, because i hate losing good students like him. and what all that tells me is that even if he has money, that doesn't necessarily mean he's satisfied with his life. he's not because he doesn't have one.

and after i finished class, i started thinking about myself. i have always wanted to do things. a LOT of things. i have a list of books that i wish i can read. i wish to travel, to different places, to see new landscapes, to experience different cultures, and look at beautiful sceneries. i want to practice guitar and drums. i want to perform in front of other people. i want to really understand music and to understand why certain melodies can invoke certain emotions when people listen to it. i want to compose, i want to write good music that people will enjoy. i want to work out and lose some weight. i want to take care of my skin better. i want to learn kendo. i want to try boxing. i wish to learn to cook italian food. i have a lot more things that i want to do, but i forgot. but i'm always giving myself excuses on why i can't do them, like i don't have the right guitar, the jamming studio is too far, i'm tired, i don't have the right ingredients, i don't have money, and the most common excuse for me is time. i always say to myself i can't do this because i don't have time. there's always time. it's just how i manage it. i mean, yeah the 9-5 job has taken a lot of my time, but if i don't work, i won't even be able to write in this blog. so what's left is the time other than work. i have to cut down on a lot of unnecessary time wasting. the biggest culprit is the cursed idiot box, the TV. i know it's bad for me, but i can't stop myself from watching it. there's always things to watch like sports, CSI, Friends, Scrubs, animax, asian food channel.. and then, there's the internet. there's tons of stuff in there. i can surf all of my life without sleep till i die, and still i can't finish going through all of the interesting things that i can find in there. i need to cut down on those 2 to be able to squeeze some time into things that i want to do. god.. there's a shitload of things that i want to do, but so little time.. sigh.. you know what people say, time is golden. but it's not golden actually. it's the most valuable gift Allah has given us. more valuable than any gem, than any precious metal. time is the essence of life.

i want to be more than what i am now. i need to find myself again. i want to break this cycle. i don't want to be a sheep anymore. i want to be a wolf.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hari yang malang

Malang sungguh la hari ni. Aii... Pagi tadi flusher untuk toilet rumah aku rosak. Tah camane aku dapat kekuatan Hulk tah, aku tarik flusher tu, tetibe PAP! bunyik bende patah dalam tempat air flusher tu. Aku pun menyiasat, rupenye ade satu plastik panjang dalam flusher tu putus. Aii... lepas bersiap, tengok-tengok, kereta aku pulak dijadikan tandas awam oleh unggas-unggas yang berterbangan riang di angkasa raya. Cilanat sungguh.. aku la pulak kene jadi pakcik cleaner cuci balik najis-najis diorang tu. Kalau biar sampai tengah hari, rosak la cat kereta aku kene penangan najis kering. Aii... Lepas tu masuk ofis pun lambat (tahniah.. tahniah.. tepuk tangan..). Memula rasa nak study video AJAX, tapi lepas setengah jam, dah ngantuk. dengar lagu System Of A Down pulak. Suara Serj Tankian ni dah bunyik merdu pulak. Suruh mamat ni nyanyi lagu dondang sayang ok jugak ni. Lepas tu aku mintak minuman oat 3 in 1 untuk wanita dari nany. Die kate aku nak makan, lantak la. Aku pun pg pantry, buat air tu letak dalam microwave. Aku set seminit setengah. Bunyik tingg... tu aku bukak oven, tengok2 oat aku dah melimpah2 keluar. Macam mug aku tu muntah oat pulak. Kene la aku pegi bersihkan. Lepas tu, masa lap-lap sink tu, jari aku pulak boleh luka, terkena batu ape tah kat sink tu. Aii... Ni baru pukul 12 ni. Pukul 5.30 nanti tak tau la ape pulak aku kene. Unlucky sungguh hari ni..

Friday, June 13, 2008

strat aku dah cacat

huuu.. strat aku cacat dah.. tengok output jack die pny besi connector tu.. huu.. dah patah.. macam mane aku nak repair. besi die dah patah.. aii.. kene beli baru la ni.. huuu..

tapi gitar aku tu dah lama dah socket jack die longgar. kalau cocok jack, tak ketat dia masuk. pastu kejap keluar bunyi, kejap tak keluar. tensen aku main. aku pun dengan ala-ala McGuyvernya bukak la screw utk socket jack tu. bukak-bukak, tgk connector die mcm dh karat, dah tak fleksibel. hmm.. mungkin besi connector tu dah bengkok kot kata aku didalam hati. aku pun cube la nak membengkokkan besi tu ke dalam, baru je tolak, patah besi tu. adoi... tensionnye. ingat nak membaiki, rupenye lagi menjahanamkan. sedih aku mlm td. rs mcm gitar aku dah mati je. hmm.. kene la pegi kedai Wah Fatt ke, nak carik spare part. lepas dapat pun, nk kene pateri lg. ade wiring kt dlm tu. bnyknye keje. hmm.. tgk la weekend ni. kalau aku rajin aku carik la. kalau tak, tunggu la wahai stratocasterku yang malang. tunggu la lagi seminggu baru kau bole memekak balik

kalau ada connector yang patah, jangan disimpan di dalam peti

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Warhammer 40,000 - Soulstorm

Last month ada satu game baru dari Warhammer 40,000 (40K) universe untuk PC keluar, name die Soulstorm. Dah lama dah aku tunggu nak main, sebab aku memang die-hard fan Warhammer 40K ni. Aku suke semua la pasal universe ni, memang best dan sesuai dgn taste aku. Pada asalnye Warhammer 40K ni ialah table top game, yang i'm pretty sure none of you guys (that's you, my current and ex-officemates) have ever played before. Try a link ni, . mane tau korang akan berminat ke. And nanti kalau aku ada masa, aku akan try cerita ape yang best sangat pasal Warhammer 40K punye universe ni. Dan seperti insan lain, aku jugak sangat-sangat suke Space Marines. Rasa macam nak join je diorang perang same-same.

Semua playable unit Space Marines

Game ni jenis real-time strategy, ala-ala warcraft la. Tapi sangat high paced. Dalam minit pertama pun akan ada unit musuh datang serang base kita. So from the get-go, kita kena start building defenses sikit, n buat at least 2 unit scout, n kalau boleh satu unit space marines. Lepas tu kite kena capture requisition poin untuk dapat resource, a.k.a duit untuk membina bangunan baru dan buat unit-unit baru. And kite ada armory untuk upgrade kite punye army, dari accuracy sampai hit-points sume kena upgrade, kalau tak nak kalah la. Huhuuu... bestnye kalau dapat main LAN kat ofis ni. Main ramai-ramai, huhuuu... Cakap banyak tak guna, tgk a screenshot ni. Screenshots ni aku sebat dari . All credits to them.

Mari mengumpul bala tentera!

"Lepas menang ni kite pegi berkelah jom, kalau kite hidup lagi la.."

Alamak, ade orang attack la. Take cover!!

For the emperor!!!

Sekali tertiarap da, kene bom

Die heretic scum!!

What's that pretty red light?... AAARGHH!!! IT BURNSSS!!!

Malam tadi, lepas balik keje, aku cuba untuk belajar main lagu Foo Fighters - Everlong kat gitar. Aku rasa dah ok dah, tapi kalau aku nak main full song, berkemungkinan besar akan salah-salah dan cepat penat. Tu la, lame sangat tinggal, kan dah karat kata aku kepada diriku. Jadi, lepas jari-jemariku dah pedih-pedih, aku pun menginstall game ni. Lebih kurang 5GB jugak la, besar space die makan. Sambil tunggu install, aku pegi rendam baju, bile aku pegi dapur baru aku perasan pinggan tak basuh lagi, lepas tu pun baru aku perasan sampah dah nak penuh dah. Tapi tu semua tak penting, esok pagi boleh buat. Yang penting main game dulu, huhuuu.. Seronok a aku main game ni malam tadi. ade 4-5 jam kot aku main. Aku main game ni sampai pukul 3.30 malam tadi. Best, buat melupakan segala problem-problem yang memeningkan kepala. Sila la main game ni ye. Malam tadi aku baru conquer stronghold Orcs. Malam ni nk advance ke territory Tau pulak, and kalau sempat, try untuk conquer stronghold Tau pulak. Tak sabar nak balik rumah. Oh, and malam ni Chelsea vs Liverpool, Champions League semi-final. Tu pun wajib tengok tu. Hmmm... nak tido ke tak malam ni e?

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